Document Uploads

Folder Series 100 Board of Education (41 Files)
Download 110 Statement of Philosophy
Download 111 Board Operational Goals
Download 112 The People and Their School District
Download 120 Legal Status
Download 120 Exhibit School District of Williams Bay Map
Download 130 School Board Legal Status
Download 131 School Board Elections
Download 131.1 Board Members Qualifications
Download 131.2 Board Member Oath of Office
Download 131.3 Board Candidate Orientation
Download 132 Board Member Resignation
Download 133 Filling Board Vacancies
Download 141 Board Officers
Download 142 School Attorney
Download 143 Consultants to the Board
Download 150 School Board Powers and Duties
Download 151 Board Policy Development
Download 151.1 Board Policy Adoption
Download 151.2 Board Policy Dissemination
Download 151.3 Administration in Policy Absence
Download 161 Board Member Authority and Responsibilities
Download 162 New Board Member Orientation
Download 163 School Board Conferences, Conventions and Workshops
Download 163.1 School Board Memberships
Download 164 Board Member Compensation and Expenses
Download 165 Board Members Conflicts of Interest
Download 166 Board Use of Electronic Mail
Download 170 School Board Meetings
Download 171.1 Public Notification of Board Meetings
Download 171.2 Exhibit Agenda Format
Download 172 Special Board Meetings
Download 173 Closed Sessions
Download 174 Board Organizational Meeting
Download 175 School District Annual Meeting
Download 181 Rules of Order
Download 182 Quorum
Download 183 Voting Method
Download 184 Minutes
Download 185 Board Committees
Download 186 Advisory Committee
Download 187 Public Participation at Board Meetings
Folder Series 200 Administration (13 Files)
Download 210 Administrative Goals
Download 222 Administrative Contracts
Download 224 Board-District Administrator Relations
Download 225 Evaluation of District Administrator
Download 230 Administrative Team
Download 231 Job Description - Qualifications and Duties of District Administrator
Download 232 Job Description - High School Principal
Download 233 Job Description - Elementary School Principal
Download 241 Job Description - Athletic Director
Download 253 Rules and Policy Implementation
Download 253.1 Development of Administrative Rules
Download 253.2 Approval of Handbooks and Directives
Download 270 Administrative Reports
Folder Series 300 Instruction (41 Files)
Download 310 Instructional Goals
Download 311 Academic Freedom
Download 320 Organization of Instruction
Download 321 School Day
Download 322 School Ceremonies and Observances
Download 330 Curriculum Development
Download 331 Evaluation of Instructional Program
Download 332 Parent Rights and District Programs / Activities
Download 341.1 Reading Instruction
Download 341.21 Wellness, Nutrition and Physical Activity
Download 342.1 Special Instructional Programs and Accommodations
Download 342.2 Homebound Instruction
Download 342.3 Early Childhood Speech and Language Services
Download 342.31 School-Age Parent Program
Download 342.32 Programs and Services for English Language Learners
Download 342.4 Title I Programs for Disadvantaged Students
Download 345.1 Grading Systems
Download 345.11 Valedictorian and Salutatorian
Download 345.4 Promotion and Retention of Students
Download 345.41 Williams Bay Fourth Grade Promotion Policy
Download 345.42 Williams Bay Eighth Grade Promotion Policy
Download 345.6 Williams Bay High School Graduation Policy
Download 345.61 Graduation Ceremonies
Download 346 Testing Programs
Download 346 Rule Testing Guidelines for Students with Disabilities
Download 347 Student Records
Download 347 Exhibit 1 Permission to Release Records
Download 347 Exhibit 2 Authorization for Release of Information
Download 351 Field Trips and Excursions
Download 361 Instructional Materials Selection and Evaluation
Download 362.1 Resource Sharing of Library Materials
Download 363.1 Distance Learning Guidelines
Download 363.2 Information & Communication Technologies Acceptable Use Policy
Download 363.2 Rule Web Page Development
Download 363.3 Assistive Technology for Students with Special Needs
Download 364 Counseling Program
Download 370 Co-Curricular and Interscholastic Programs
Download 372 Student Newspaper
Download 374 Fund-Raising Activities by Students
Download 377.1 Cooperative Sports Programs with Other Public Schools
Download 381 Teaching about Controversial Issues
Folder Series 400 Students (42 Files)
Download 411 Equal Educational Opportunities
Download 411 Rule Student Discrimination Complaint Procedure
Download 411.1 Harassment and/or Bullying of Students
Download 411.1 Rule Student Harassment Complaint
Download 411.1 Exhibit School District of Williams Bay Student Harassment Report Form
Download 412 Full-Time Student
Download 420 School Admissions
Download 420 Rule Placement Procedures for Transfer Students
Download 421 Entrance Age
Download 421 Rule Procedures for Early Admission Entrance Age
Download 422 Admission of Non-Resident Students
Download 422 Rule Admission of Non-Resident Students (Other Than Open Enrollment Students)
Download 423 Open Enrollment
Download 431 Student Attendance
Download 431 Rule Student Attendance Procedures
Download 440 Student Rights and Responsibilities
Download 443 Student Conduct
Download 443 Rule Code of Classroom Conduct
Download 443.3 Student Use of Tobacco
Download 443.4 Student Use of Alcohol and Controlled Substances
Download 443.4 Rule Guidelines for Controlled Substance Policy Enforcement
Download 443.5 Electronic Devices
Download 445 Student Interviews and Searches
Download 445.1 Locker Searches
Download 447 Student Discipline
Download 447.1 Corporal Punishment / Use of Force
Download 447.3 Student Suspension / Expulsion
Download 448 Students of Legal Age
Download 452 Student Aid Programs
Download 453 Student Health Sevices
Download 453.2 Student Immunizations
Download 453.3 Communicable Diseases Policy
Download 453.3 Rule Administrative Procedure
Download 453.3 Exhibit 1 Wisconsin Administrative Code
Download 453.3 Exhibit 2 Guidelines for Handling Body Fluids in Schools
Download 453.4 Administering Medications to Students
Download 453.4 Rule Guidelines for Administering Medications to Students
Download 454 Reporting Child Abuse
Download 455 Student Safety
Download 455.1 Supervision of Students
Download 460 Student Awards and Scholarships
Download 460 Rule Procedure for Selecting the Recipient of the State Academic Excellence Scholarship
Folder Series 500 Personnel (38 Files)
Download 509 2017 - 2018 Employee Handbook
Download 510 Personnel Policies Goals
Download 511 Equal Opportunity Employment
Download 511 Rule Employee Discrimination Complaint Procedures
Download 512 Employee Harassment
Download 512 Rule Employee Harassment Complaint
Download 512 Exhibit School District of Williams Bay Employee Harassment Report Form
Download 521 Staff Involvement in Decision-Making
Download 521.1 Board-Staff Communications
Download 522.1 Alcohol and/or Other Drug Use by Employees
Download 522.4 Staff Ethics
Download 522.41 Staff Conflicts of Interest
Download 522.5 Staff Rights
Download 522.6 Staff Information and Communication Technologies Acceptable Use Policy
Download 524 Staff Gifts
Download 526 Personnel Records
Download 527 Staff Complaints and Grievances
Download 527.1 Grievance Procedure
Download 531.1 Job Description - Guidance Director
Download 531.10 Job Description - Activity Sponsor/Advisor/Coach
Download 531.2 Job Description - District Reading Specialist
Download 531.3 Job Description - School Psychologist
Download 531.4 Job Description - Teacher
Download 531.5 Job Description - Library Media Specialist
Download 531.6 Job Description - School Nurse
Download 531.7 Job Description - K - 8 Guidance Counselor
Download 531.8 Job Description - Speech/Language Therapist
Download 531.9 Job Description - Head Coach
Download 532 Professional Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans
Download 532.1 Staff Negotiations
Download 533 Professional Staff Recruiting/Hiring
Download 534 Substitute Professional Staff
Download 537 Professional Staff Development
Download 538 Teacher Evaluation and Supervision
Download 542 Support Staff Positions (Clerical, Custodial)
Download 543 Support Staff Hiring/Recruiting
Download 544 Support Staff Evaluation
Download 544 Rule Williams Bay School District Evaluation of Support Staff
Folder Series 600 Fiscal Management (15 Files)
Download 621 Budget Planning
Download 622 Dissemination of Budget Recommendations
Download 623 Budget Hearing/Adoption
Download 661 Depository of Funds
Download 661.1 Authorized Signatures
Download 662.1 Student Activity Funds Management
Download 664 Cash in School Buildings
Download 671.2 Expense Reinbursement
Download 672 Purchasing
Download 672.1 Bidding Requirements
Download 673 Disbursement Procedures
Download 681 Accounting System
Download 683 Inventories
Download 684 Audits
Download 690 School Properties Disposal Procedure
Folder Series 700 Support Services (25 Files)
Download 710 Support Services Goals
Download 720 Safety Program
Download 721 Building and Grounds Inspections
Download 722.1 Accident Reports
Download 723 Emergency Plans
Download 723.1 Fire Drills
Download 723.2 Bomb Threats
Download 723.3 Emergency School Closing
Download 723.5 Crisis Management
Download 723.5 Rule Crisis Management
Download 730 Building and Grounds Management
Download 731 Key Control
Download 731.1 Vandalism
Download 731.2 Locker Room Privacy
Download 732 Building and Grounds Maintenance
Download 733 Energy Conservation
Download 742 Authorized Use of School-Owned Equipment
Download 751 Student Transportation Services
Download 751.1 School Bus Scheduling and Routing
Download 751.2 School Bus Safety Program
Download 760 Food Services Management
Download 760 Rule Free and Reduced Price Meal Applications and Verification Procedures
Download 771 Printing and Duplicating Services
Download 771 Rule Printing and Duplicating Services
Download 780 Insurance Management
Folder Series 800 School-Community Relations (26 Files)
Download 810 School-Community Relations
Download 811 Community Involvement in Decision-Making
Download 820 Public Information Program
Download 821.3 Newsletter
Download 822 News Media Relations
Download 822.1 News Media Services at Board Meetings
Download 823 Public Access to Records
Download 823 Rule Procedures for Access to Public Records
Download 823 Exhibit Access to Public Records Notice
Download 830 Community Use of Facilities
Download 830 Exhibit 1 Facility Use Form
Download 830.2 Use of the Fitness Center
Download 831 Tobacco Use on School Premises
Download 832 Weapons on School Premises
Download 840 Public Gifts to the Schools
Download 850 Public Solicitations in the Schools
Download 860 Visitors to the Schools
Download 870 Public Complaints
Download 881 Relations with Community Organizations
Download 882 Relations with Governmental Authorities
Download 882.1 Sex Offender Notification
Download 891.1 Cooperative Educational Programs
Download 892.1 Student Teaching and Interships
Download 893 Relations with Educational Research and Service Centers
Download 893 Exhibit Notice to Parents/Guardians of the Administration or Distribution of a Survey that Reveals Certain Types of Information
Download 894 State Education Agency Relations
Folder Series 900 Facilities Development (6 Files)
Download 910 Facilities Development Goals
Download 920 Facilities Planning
Download 932 Selection of Architect and Building Consultants
Download 933 Construction Cost Estimates and Determinations
Download 934 Construction Contract, Bidding and Awards
Download 935 Supervision of Construction