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School Board and Community Receive Survey Results on Facilities Planning

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Williams Bay, Wl - The Williams Bay School District Board of Education received the results from a recent community-wide survey on facilities planning during a school board meeting on Monday night, October 14, 2013. 530 residents participated in the survey, which was mailed to all school district households, approximately 2,000 homes. The survey was designed and administered by School Perceptions LLC, an independent research firm from Slinger, Wl that specializes in gathering and analyzing public perceptions regarding schools. Bill Foster, President of School Perceptions, reviewed some of the major findings with the School Board. The complete survey report is available on the district website (http://williamsbayschools.org) under the Facilities Planning link. Hard copies are also available in the district office.

Highlights from report include:

• 96% of all respondents expressing an opinion indicate they are Strongly Agree or Agree that Williams Bay does a good job preparing students to be successful.

• 54% of primary district residents indicated they would either Definitely or Probably support an $18 million referendum to provide an elementary school connected to the Jr./Sr. High School. However, when this data is evaluated more closely, a clear split is evident between the likely support of parents (approximately 79%) and the likely support of non-parents (approximately 30%).

• The division between parents and non-parents is also evident when comparing the two group's willingness to support a potential tax increase associated with a future project. 76% of parent residents indicated they would likely support an estimated increase of $81 per $100,000 of property value, which equates to a project cost of approximately $20 million. However only 25% of non-parent residents were likely to support this level of tax increase and 34% indicated they would not support any referendum at all.

• Respondents are also mixed in the advice they offer to the School Board regarding what to do with the existing elementary school if a new one is built on the Jr./Sr. High School campus. 31% suggest trying to sell the building as is, 30% suggest selective demolition and repurposing of the existing site, and 23% advise the school board to demolish it entirely and try to sell the "clean site".

• 73% of district residents said it's important for the district to move forward in 2014 to address facilities planning needs.

"We are grateful to the community for their strong response to the survey and for their input on facilities planning," said Dianna Woss, School Board President. "As we have indicated in the past, our plan going forward must reflect the goals and priorities of our community members while looking forward for the next generation of students. We need to use this input to guide our decision-making and conversations on next steps in the coming months."

For more information, please contact District Administrator Dr. Wayne Anderson at (262) 245-1575 or wanderson@williamsbayschools.org.


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