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Does one learn to live or live to learn? If nothing else, life teaches us to learn. My whole life has been an education—from elementary and high school in Peoria, Illinois, to college at Western Illinois University to first year teaching in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin Education accelerated as a wife to Ray, mother of Christa and Andy, and a farm owner. A professional career has ranged from teaching high school to Gateway Technical College adult education in home economics, Beloit Daily News correspondent to substitute teacher and Bus Tours Magazine editorial assistant.

All of these roles and an ability to adapt carried me through 26 years at George Williams College in a variety of roles that ranged from administrative assistant to programmer, computers to Elderhostel, archivist to librarian, coordinator to director, instructor to community liaison. On the board since 2007 and now as school board president, I draw on every bit of past experience and continue to educate myself in many new aspects.

It is inspiring to watch our grandchildren grow and take pride in their school and community. Our family has been enjoying the area for over 40 years, while treasuring many wonderful friendships. I look forward to each sunrise and sunset over this fertile, productive land.