Document Uploads

Folder Asthma and Allergy Forms (2 Files)
pdf file Allergy Emergency Health Care Plan
pdf file Student Inhaler Permission Form
Folder Concussion Information (1 Files)
pdf file Heads Up Infromation for Parents and Students
Folder Diabetic Forms (1 Files)
pdf file diabeteshealthplan.pdf
Folder Education Videos (1 Files)
ppt file epi pen
Folder Elementary Dental Forms (2 Files)
doc file Student Dental report Form
pdf file Yearly Dental form
Folder Head Lice 101 (1 Files)
pdf file 2013_head_lice.pdf
Folder Health Update Forms (3 Files)
pdf file Annual High School Student Health Update Form.pdf
pdf file Annual Middle School Student Health Update Form.pdf
pdf file Elementary Physical.pdf
Folder HIPAA Consent for Release Forms (2 Files)
pdf file HIPAA Consent for Release of Records.pdf
pdf file HIPAA-SP.pdf
Folder Immunization Forms and Information (3 Files)
pdf file Immunization Law for 2015 and Beyond
pdf file Measle Information
pdf file Vaccination Schedule for Children and Teens
Folder Medication Forms (2 Files)
pdf file Non-Prescription Medication Form.pdf
pdf file Prescription Medication Form.pdf
Folder New Vaccine Requirements for Middle Schoolers (1 Files)
pdf file 2013_vaccine.pdf
Folder School Health Guidelines (2 Files)
pdf file School Health Guidelines
pdf file SICK OF BEING SICK.pdf