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Construction Update - December 3, 2015

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El Nino is a welcome addition to our construction site. Even though we had one major snow storm this year, overall the weather has been fairly cooperative this fall. The rain has slowed the erection of our steel frame by slightly over a week, but in the overall time scheme the construction project is still on schedule and currently running on or slightly under budget. Most of the construction that goes on during the day is not very visible from the road; thus I have started taking pictures each week and posting them to the website so that you can view the behind the scenes action. I hope that you are taking a few moments each week to look at the photos.

Currently, one of our major goals is to get the building enclosed by January 1. In order to accomplish this goal, the roof is going up on the gymnasium and should be completed by the middle of next week. While the roof is being put on the gymnasium, other members of the construction crew are putting the structural steel roof decking on the kindergarten and first grade classroom wing. This wing is the single story structure that is on the far north side of the building. Once this steel is in place, the roofing crew will start to put the roof on this section of the building. This is scheduled to happen the week on December 14-21. At the end of December, the roof will be put on the two story section of the building over the section of the building that will contain the art room, library and fourth and fifth grade classrooms.

After the roof structures have been completed, the concrete walls will be constructed to enclose the entire building. Some of these walls are already being constructed under the areas that are being enclosed by temporary plastic barriers. Concrete floors are also being poured in different parts of the building.

In conjunction with the construction of the new elementary school, the water detention pond that handles the water runoff for the current Middle/Senior High School and the ball fields is now 90% complete and should be totally completed before winter break. This pond is an expansion of the pond that was currently handling the water prior to the building of the new elementary school. This expansion will allow the pond to handle a much greater water capacity than the previous detention pond.

The work being done on the new baseball field is now finished. In the spring, prior to the first baseball game, the new dugouts will be built by the Sports Boosters and the wind screen will be placed on the new fence and the scoreboard will be installed. I think that you will be impressed by how well the field looks. I know that the boys are excited to have the opportunity to play this season’s games on the new field. The baseball field will also have a set of home and visitor bleachers to help make watching the games more comfortable.

On the interior of the building, the Board has been working on finalizing ideas for its vision wall and history wall. The vision wall is the large wall that people will see when they first enter the commons area by the elementary school office. The Board is currently working with local photographers and designers to put an image on this wall that reflects the beauty of the bay at sunset. It is also being designed to represent the curiosity and wonderment that individuals experience when looking into the night time sky and viewing the stars. The history wall is located near the new elementary gymnasium. This wall will display pictures that depict the educational history of the school district. Williams Bay has a proud educational heritage and this wall is being designed to honor the district’s history while at the same time challenging future generations to continue the district’s tradition of educational excellence. I am certain that both of these areas will give you a feeling of pride and joy in celebrating the district’s past and promising future.

Finally, it appears that the school district will be able to sell the current Elementary School and not have to spend dollars to tear it down. At this point, the district has an accepted offer on the property and the prospective buyer is in his sixty (60) day due diligence period. If for some reason this offer is not finalized, the district has a secondary offer in place from a second prospective buyer. I am quite confident that the Elementary School will be sold and the district will not have to spend referendum dollars to tear the building down.

As always, if you have questions regarding the building project or any school topic, feel free to contact me. I always enjoy hearing from you.

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