Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Graduation - 2016

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In a few short days, we will be celebrating one of the most important days of the school year – graduation. This is a time when we take an evening to recognize our seniors for all of their accomplishments over the past thirteen (13) years and encourage them as they embark on the next stage of life’s journey. The night is filled with joy, enthusiasm and pride as parents, relatives, friends and staff members listen as each of our twenty-nine (29) seniors have their names and accomplishments read off as they work their way down the platform to receive their diploma. While receiving their diploma, students exhibit many emotions – happiness, joy and a little sadness. Over the years, I have seen a multitude of great smiles and hugs, but also a tear or two as individuals realize that this part of their life will be ending and another part will be beginning.

The ceremony at the “Bay” is very special because we have the time to focus on each graduate. Graduates have been working on the script that they want read as they receive their diploma. This script usually includes their activities and accomplishments during high school and their future plans.  During the ceremony, several individuals will give short inspirational talks. Several members of the senior class address their classmates and everyone in attendance. I always find their comments insightful and full of hope. I also enjoy it when " a word of thanks" is given to the adults that have helped these students achieve this special moment in their life.  This year’s main speaker is Mary Kavanagh, one of our Spanish instructors. The main speaker is always chosen by the class and is one of the ways the class likes to honor an individual who has made a significant impact on their lives. I am sure that Ms. Kavanagh will do a great job and I look forward to listening to her comments and insights for the seniors.

In addition to the speeches, our band and choir will perform several musical numbers. I am a strong proponent of the arts and find that the music always adds to the festivity of the event. I think I still get a little choked up when I hear the band play “Pomp and Circumstance” because it helps me recall special past graduations.

This will be my third graduation at the “Bay” and I find them to be more meaningful each time. I am truly glad to be a part of such a wonderful school district and community. If you have the opportunity, I truly hope that you can join us for graduation on Friday, May 27 at 7:00 p.m. I am positive that you will find the ceremony uplifting and will leave with a warm glow and a giant smile.

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